There are 2 ways of getting insight from your own unique Planetary Imprint at birth:

Horoscope readings – Online, per Skype/Zoom:

  • your birth chart, to build awareness on certain episodes in your life, to gain insight in your potential/purpose…
    ~ 90 euro (75 – 90 minutes)
  • year chart, specific questions, or specific theme of your life
    ~ 60 euro (around 45 minutes)
  • short sessions for instant clarification
    ~ 25 euro (around 15 minutes)

Planetary constellation – ‘Live’ in Bilthoven:
You will be guided into the energetic field of your very own planetary imprint and I will be reflecting and giving my imput as with a reading. As with other systemic constellations, we can invite the energies of your planets and their placement and correlation to each other.

You open yourself on multi levels for this information, it can be a very profound experience. As you will FEEL this imprint, you will become even more aware of it. This can fuel your wisdom of choice and alignment, clarify your sense of purpose.

~ 1 session (2 hours): 180 euro
~ 2 sessions (3 hours): 240 euro

For all sessions I need to receive your data of birth (date, time, place).
Please send me an email by letting me know which reading you prefer , and the rest will follow.
I will respond in 2 days at the least. Bookings are normally within 3 weeks. If you need priority, let me know.
Payment in installments is possible (for constellations).

It was a very special and valuable experience for me, to be able to literally step into the astrological ‘map’ for my life. Even now, some weeks later, there are still insights coming from things I’ve experienced during the session. Connections, greater context and deeper meaning of patterns and movements in my life are clarified. This brings me more rest, trust, joy, deepening and curiosity. I’ve experienced Marieke and her style of working as very warm, in tune, sparkling and loving. With her great wealth of knowledge and experience she offers much valuable and concrete information.