I offer private sessions on:

Planetary Imprint (according to Vedic Astrology):
  • Horoscope readings – Online, per Skype/Zoom:
    ~ your birth chart
    ~ year chart, specific questions, or specific theme of your life
    ~ short sessions for instant clarification
  • Planetary constellation – ‘Live’ in Bilthoven:
    A Systemic Constellation for your planetary imprint, with all the planets as they were when you were born. You will be guided into this energetic kosmic field and I will be reflecting and giving my input as with a reading.
Body & Soul Sessions:

If you feel low in energy, stressed, burned out, hormonal disbalance, without purpose, in need for a (radical) change or breakthrough…

These sessions are about self inquiry, self care and self love. They can bring you closer to your deepest self and to being more confident in knowing what you need to feel good, and to be truthful to that. Whether it be  more health, more energy, to feel vibrant, inspired, aligned with your purpose, connected, at peace

They inlcude self-inquiry, body-, energy- and breathwork, meditations, practices and assignments of all kind.

Drawing from knowledge of and experience with Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Bio-resonance, Yogatherapie, Plantmedicine, Womb Wisdom, Tao & Tantra, Soul & Shakti Journey, Inner Child Work, Voice Dialogue, Access Consciousness with Bars.