Body & Soul Sessions:

Our Body is the Tempel where our Soul lives. Through body awareness we awaken our Soul.
And, they interconnect with each other.
If we neglect to take care for our Body, there is less energy for the journey of our Soul.
If we neglect our Soul, we start feeling less inspired and our Body starts protesting.
It works both ways.

You are here at the right place in time, if you feel….

  • you could use some support in your journey towards Self care, Self love and living your highest truth…
  • low in energy, stressed, burned out, hormonal disbalance…
  • without purpose, in need for a (radical) change or breakthrough…
  • or, if you want to open up to the deeper voices of your Heart, your Womb, your Soul…

These sessions can bring you closer to your deepest self and to being more confident in knowing what you need to feel good, what you truly long for, and to be truthful to that. Whether it be more energy, more health, to feel vibrant, inspired, aligned with your purpose, connected, at peace….

These sessions include:

  • self-inquiry
  • body-, energy- and breathwork
  • practices for soul-alignment
  • meditations for the womb, the heart, the spirit body
  • a look at daily routines, habits and food & drink and suggestions for change

Although there are many ways of creating conditions for more health and well being, FIRST we need to do – especially as women –  is to become STILL and LISTEN. To our body and our feelings. Allow and accept what is there. Getting to know our body and soul. Expanding awareness. Then the change comes from a deeper place within. 

Energy exchange for Sessions (per zoom):

It always starts with an INTAKE in which we concentrate to clarify your desire and intention for these sessions = 75 euro (75 minutes).

After this session, you will receive my input/feedback no matter if you decide to continue or not.

After that:

– 1 month with 3 sessions plus my input per mail* after each session = 270 euro

– 2 months with 6 sessions plus my input per mail* after each session = 500 euro

– 3 months with 9 sessions plus my input per mail* after each session = 720 euro

My input consists of information on the topic (written or video/audio/youtube), practices, assignments, questions to go deeper etc.

* And I will be available for tuning in, and questions from your side.