A note from me

Feeling grateful to live in these exciting times. Even when the going gets rough.
We are on a pathway of deep healing and transformation of millenia of conditioning. In my opinion, all souls who have chosen to be here in this space and time have such brave hearts! Because there is no way back, all will be seen and cleared on our way to new earth consciousness.

I am here to make my contribution…
…to the shift from fear based conditional programming that leads to comfortseeking, security at all cost and exclusion, to a heart-centered, free and loving way of living with more trust, joy and abundance.
to a life of inclusion of all, in which we honour mother earth and all living beings,  honour our differences and recognise our ‘same-ness’.
…to support those who are willing to make the journey as well: the journey to more freedom, love and truth.

And yes, it takes courage, dedication  and a lot of Self Love to take a good look and deep feel into oneself … To recognise , acknowledge and release deep fears, unhealthy patterns and conditioning of years, ages, lifetimes even.
I know and I am still peeling off layers, sometimes with agony, but more and more with trust and joy. 

The current wave of healing of the unbalanced masculine & feminine energies inside and around us, is somtetimes painful and yet showing beautiful results when one is willing to do the inner work. I notice myself and in others I meet.

And more so when beautiful people are coming to Sacred Space – where lightworkers of all kinds and their participants are communing together to do ‘the work’. I feel grateful to be serving as spaceholder for this growing community. Take a look at the facebook page of Sacred Space to see the events here in ‘the House’.