For some years now, I have been receiving elemental teachings , within Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra , Astrology and shamanic indigenous rituals, as the sweatlodge and fire ceremony.

It is a profound healing pathway. Healing and transformative.
It is showing me that everything out there is within: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space….the elements that are perceivable in the external world are also subtle body energies in our own body and mind. Actually, they represent everything that we consist of, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
At birth we receive a blue print of these in our human system. Later, life’s experiences have their influence on our elemental balance.
For me, being born with water, fire and air, and hardly any earth in my blueprint, I had to deal with quiet some earth issues, as grounding, slowing down, finding security within myself as I was traveling and moving around.

By connecting to the external elements , to Nature itself, we can reflect , accept and transform our relation to them, so internal balance in our own nature can arise. And from balance, more and more freedom. So that we can remember who we truly are.

I am dedicated to share these teachings in anything I offer.